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Horn Studies ---- NEW: Edition Peter Damm ---- NEW: Edition Peter Damm ---- NEW: Edition Peter Damm
Title # Euro €
Nigel Downing

Singing on the Wind - Aspects of Horn Playing - The Basics Cover, sample

A wonderful book! Prof. Peter Damm

Effectively, the book is a personal reworking of many of the thoughts of Philip Farkas and Arnold Jacobs, perhaps going into even more detail of actual physical process of the basic techniques involved in all good horn playing...
Bravo Nigel! Bob Ashworth, Horn Player 08/2004
Predictably, we are presented with all the appropriate sections: breathing, posture, left and right hand, embouchure, centering the sound, intonation, projection, slurring, articulation, warming up, mouthpiece buzzing, accuracy, practicing, and then some brief words on musicianship, phrasing, rhythm and pulse, concentration and performing...The book will be useful for students and teachers from a conceptual standpoint, easily applied to other exercises or lesson materials...I must also mention the artwork of Napier Dunn. His caricatures (at least one per page) are hilarious!!! Jeffrey Snedeker, The Horn Call 10/2004

BU 1203


Rainer Mühlbacher
Trumpet or Horn Method

What musicians say:
Prof. Helmut Riester, Musikhochschule Dortmund: It's finally done! (Endlich!)
Prof. Peter Kallensee, Musikhochschule Hamburg: This method is definitely worth to add it to the lessons.

BU 1101


Peter Damm
Studies for Horn: Bruckner, Wagner, Mendelssohn, Wagner, Reger etc. pdf , medium-intermediate

BU 1221


Peter Damm
Daily Studies for Parforce horn playerspdf
From a paper about „warming up without getting tired“ Peter Damm developed studies regarding the themes warm-up, breathing, hold long notes, intervals, attack and embouchure (text in German!)

„Your studies are great and absolutely fitting the needs of parforce horn players“
(Ilona R., Parforcehorn group)

BU 1280


Suttner (Peter Damm)
Wagner Studies, intermediate-difficult pdf

BU 1220


Horn and Piano
Three Spirituals for trp and organ, Nobody, Swing low, Sometimes I feel like a motherless child, intermediate pdf

BU 1209


Christoph Stibor
Jazzala, 10 smart pieces with a cool live band accompaniment on CD, also piano part!
CD with band with and without solo part, easy-intermediate pdf

These little pieces are really great! The composer describes them as: "Ten moody miniatures between high spirits and melancholy which should delight your musical fancies. . . " Hey right! These can be used for lessons or "just for playing. "Jazzala is loosly translated as "here we go" ... I'll use these on my college students, too" (Jeffrey Snedeker, Horn Call 05/09)

Recommanded by the German Music School Association: Very recommandable!

BU 1244


Viviani/Finger (Damm)
Sonatas, for PiccHorn in F and Organ, a pdf
Viviani Sonata Prima (1678) and Finger Sonata

BU 1247


Mozart (1756-1791)/Weber (1786-1826)
Andante from Bassoon concerto in Bb KV 191 by Mozart, Adagio from clarinet concerto No. 1 by Weber, f-minor, op. 73,
for horn and piano or organ pdf

BU 1246


Franz Strauss and contemporaries (Damm)
Romantic Salon music for horn and piano - original versions
Vol. 1: Franz Strauss (1822-1905), Nocturno, horn and piano (1864), Carl Daniel Lorenz (1816-1866), Der Abschied (The Farewell) op. 11 (1855) pdf

Damm provides us with short but helpful bios and descriptions of the pieces' publication histories. All of these pieces are part of the "new" valved horn repertoire that appeared in saion concerts during the 19th century. The original version of the Strauss is interesting, though not too different from the later edition that is more familiar today. The piece by Lorenz is slow and sentimental, yet filled with figures ornamenting the melody. While the range is not extreme (b to g"), it is still fairly tiring. The muted ending adds a very nice programmatic touch. .
The second volume contains pieces written a decade or so later, but of the same expressive style. The range is a bit more for each of these, but the sentiment is equally potent. We really enjoyed all of these pieces for their warmth and lyricism. The editions are clean and easy to read. These pieces were a wonderful, charming surprise, and I heartily recommend them. (Jeffrey Snedeker, Horn Call 03/14)

Vol. 2: Carl Klotz (1824-1871), Romanze „Das Wiederseh’n, für Waldhorn mit Pianoforte" (Goodbye), op. 2 (1858), Carl Latann (1840-1888) Am Kamin (By the Fireplace), Romance Ab major op. 244, Carl Matys (1835-1908), Gondellied (Gondolier Song), Nr. 2 from „Zwei Salonstücke für Waldhorn mit Begleitung des Pianoforte“ op. 15 pdf
The piece of Klotz was successfully first performed 1978 on a workshop at East Lansington/Michigan State University

BU 1270

BU 1271



Tibor Brünauer (Edition Peter Damm)
Habanera Appassionato, intermediate-difficult
A great encore piece from the program of Peter Damm

BU 1242

i. p.

Keith Terrett
A Hornist goes Ballroom dancing, m pdf
The English composer Keith Terrett is a newcomer. His piece is not difficult but sounds very effectfully and enjoyable. Ideal for recitals.

BU 1245


Swinging Christmas Carols (Trad./arr. Terrett)
8 Swinging Christmas Carols, m pdf
Arranged very effectfully: Ding Dong Merrily On High, Silent Night, We three Kings, Away in a Manger, God rest you Gentlemen, Deck the Halls, Good King Wenzeslas, Joy to the World

..wonderful songs... Keith Terrets writing is chilling, the sparkling Arrangements make a difference to many others (Forte 11/2011)



Italian Arias (Terrett)
Pavarotti for the horn - the great hits of the Italian Bel Canto.
Vesti La Giubba-Leoncavallo, O Sole Mio-Di Capua, M'Appari Tutt' Amor - von Flotow, Una Furtiva Lagrima-Donizetti, Musetta's Waltz-Puccini, Come Back To Sorrento-De Curtis, Nessun Dorma-Puccini, Mattinata-Leoncavallo pdf

There are many reasons one may wish to play transcriptions of vocal music, and this collection from Musikverlag Bruno Uetz is an especially nice selection... This edition is a unique and practical addition to our repertoire for horn and piano. Buena musical (Virginia Thompson, Horn Call 10/2014)

BU 1269


Italian for Advanced I (Böhler)
Arias á la Pavarotti: Vittoria, Vittoria! - Gian Giacomo Carissimi, Sebben, crudele - Antonio Caldara, Caro mio ben - Giordani, Se Florindo è fedele - Alessandro Scarlatti, Cujus animam - G. Rossini, BU1345f (or in Eb: BU1345es), m, pdf



Italian for Advanced II (Böhler)
Pietà Signore - Alessandro Stradella, Sonata - Benedetto Marcello, Fantasia - J. L. Krebs
BU1346f (or in Eb: BU1346es), m, pdf



Italian for Advanced III (Böhler)
Variations over themes by Giovanni Gabrieli - Böhler, Lascia ch‘io pianga - Georg Fr. Handel, Intermezzo sinfonico - Pietro Mascagni, BU1347f (or in Eb: BU1347es), m, pdf



Carrickfergus, intermediate
Skye Boat Song, intermediate pdf



Harrison Roper
Concertino, intermediate pdf



Antonin Dvorak
Romanze (Bergler), intermediate pdf



Franz Liszt
Three Songs (Bergler), easy-intermediate pdf



Solo pour Cor (ca. 1820), intermediate



V. Monti
Czardas, difficult

Here is a useful piece in a useful key, especially as an encore. Monti's famous Czardas has been arranged for virtually every instrument from accordion to zither (Youtube alone will make you a believer). I've played this piece myself several times in a couple of different keys, and this one (concert C minor) is by far the most congenial to the horn. The piano part is nicely crafted, and the edition is clean and easy to read. The middle section (which I fondly call the "underwater section") gets a fun stopped treatment. Otherwise, work up your multiple tonguing and your "ham" content, and enjoy. I know I'll be using this one! (Jeffrey Snedeker, Horn Call 05/2012)

BU 1219


Horn and CD
Christoph Stibor
Jazzala, 10 smart pieces with a cool live band accompaniment on CD, also piano part!
CD with band with and without solo part, easy-intermediate pdf

BU 1244


Horn Solo
Cremer, Berthold
Variations on an old German Kinderlied in different styles, ideal for teaching, easy pdf

This is a very cute set of 14 variations on the famous melody "Hänschen klein" known in the English-speaking world as "Lightly Row" ... this edition serves several useful purposes (Jeffrey Snedeker, Horn Call 05/09)



Bach, J. S. (1685-1750) - Suites
BWV 1007-1012, for Horn Solo, m-a



David Uber
Springfall, for horn solo, intermediate pdf



Horn and Organ
Bach, Mozart, Telemann, Liszt (Peter Damm, Ed.)
Musik for Horn and Organ pdf

This modest collection of six short pieces for horn and organ includes two well-known works by JS Bach (Jesus bleibet meine Freude from BWV 147 and the Air on a G-String from the Suite BWV 1068), one by Telemann (an organ chorale-prelude Komm, heiliger Geist, Herre Gott), an Adagio by Mozart (KV Anh. 94 originally for two clarinets and basset horn), and two pieces by Liszt (the Offertorium from his Coronation Msss and an arrangement of Consolation No. 4, otiginaTly for piano). In two of the works, Bach's Jesus and Telemann's Komm, the horn plays a chorale melody in long notes over the more active organ part, while in the other four, the horn has the primary melody. Despite some faster activity in two of the pieces, all six are essentially slow and contemplative, and would be useful in church services that prefer traditional sacred music. These are lovely pieces with (at times) transcendent beauty, and as such they would also work well as pieces of appropriate contrast in style and color on a recital. The horn can easily become a wonderful extension of the organ sound, and these demonstrate this as well as any other, particularly since the tessitura of the horn is generally pretty high (several a"s and b"s, and one c""). As a result, they could be a little tiring in more sustained passages. Each of these works has appeared in other arrangements, so they will be somewhat (if not obviously) familiar. And, at three Euros per piece, they are a reasonable bargain (Jeffrey Snedeker, Horn Call 5/2012)



Gottfried Finger and Giovanni Buonaventura Viviani (Peter Damm, Ed.)
Two Sonatas for Piccolo horn in F (or trumpet in C) and Organ pdf

I remember very clearly a recital at the 1996 IHS symposium in Eugene, Oregon where Peter Damm played several pieces on piccolo horn (in high f) with organ. The sound was distinctive, because of both the performer and the instrument. The Finger sonata in this edition was a part of that program (l checked!) and both works included here were recorded and released by Damm on the Berlin Classics label some years ago. Originally for recorder, the sonata by Finger has five short, contrasting movements totaling about five minutes, including repeats, written-out in this case with added ornamentation. Generally the horn part stays on or just above the treble clef staff, with one passage ascending to d"'. There are a few octave displacements from the original, but all are
done tastefully. The sonata by Viviani for trumpet in C has been transposed down a fifth for horn (to concert G, horn in D major) so the highest pitch is only d"'. The movement sequence varies from the original, but no harm is done - the combination and sequence makes sense. The range is essentially the same as the Finger sonata, providing another good excuse to work on one's high range or to try out a descant (or piccolo!) horn. Otherwise, the music is Baroque through and through - florid lines in the fast movements, nice arching melodies in the slow ones. The publisher has also included an alternate part for valved trumpet in C (still in concert G) (Jeffrey Snedeker, Horn Call 5/2012)



Three Spirituals for horn and organ: Nobody, Swing low, Sometimes, intermediatem pdf

BU 1210


Trad./Claus-Erhard Heinrich

Nobody knows, intermediate pdf
Joshua fit, intermediate pdf
Ev'ry time I feel, intermediate pdf
Oh when the saints, intermediate pdf
Let us break bread, Gimme that ol’ time religion, intermediate pdf horn in F pdf
Amazing Grace, intermediate pdf horn in F pdf

BU 1212
BU 1213
BU 1214
BU 1215
BU 1216
BU 1217


Camille Saint-Saens
Andante for horn & organ (ca. 1854) - Urtext - premiere release, intermediate



Sigismund von Neukomm
Marche Réligieuse & Andante, intermediate



Mozart (1756-1791)/Weber (1786-1826)
Andante from Bassoon concerto in Bb KV 191 by Mozart, Adagio from clarinet concerto No. 1 by Weber, f-minor, op. 73,
for horn and piano or organ pdf

BU 1246


From Bach to Reger (Damm)
Works for horn and organ pdf A compendium of a 30 years experience by Peter Damm and Hansjürgen Scholze.
Contents: Bruckner-Ave Maria, Bach-Gelobet seist du Jesus Christ, Krebs-Wachet auf, Reger-Romanze G-Dur, medium adv.

BU 1273


Horn Duets
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Berthold Cremer, Editor)
Kegelduette, 12 Pieces for Waldhorns, KV 487, easy pdf

These duos provide a very useful snapshot of first and second (or high and low) horn playing, with stepwise motion and high tessitura in the first horn, and wider intervals and agile accompaniment in the second... These are great duets for what they represent historically and for their charming musical style.(Jeffrey Snedeker, Horn Call 05/09)



Joy to the world - 38 Easy Christmas Duets pdf
Combinations with other instruments: pdf

BU 1281


Gershwin, George (arr. Dietrich)
Gershwin Duets for Horn and Trombone,
The Hits: Lady Be Good, Foggy Day, But not for me, Embraceable, Ain‘t necessarily so, Summertime, Love is here to stay, I got Rhythm, Somebody Loves Me ... e-m pdf

In this charming little edition, Klaus Dietrich presents us with 11 popular tunes by George Gershwin (1898-1937). They are arranged simply, with the horn playing the melodies, and the trombone playing harmony and bass line accompaniments. Each arrangement goes once throug the melody. The horn part itself is very playable, with a relatively low tessitura of g-d''... To me, they would work best in background music settings ... and the horn could easily paired with any bass clef instrument, trombone, cello, bassoon, euphonium, tuba and especially string bass. The best aspect of this edition, however, is that it is a great opportunity to introduce young players to these wonderful tunes, especially if it encourages them to seek out the originals (Jeffrey Snedeker, Horn Call 2/2014)

BU 1267



Five for Two I, e-m (Albinoni-Allegro, Bach-Intervention 4, Mozart-Alla Turca; Kleine Nachtmusik, Klaviersonate in C pdf
Five for Two II, easy-medium (Handel-from Fireworks Music, Vivaldi-from Violin sonata F, Bach/Gounod-Ave maria, Marcello-from the Oboe concerto d minor) pdf
Four for Two, easy-medium (Bach-Intervention, Albinoni-St. Mark, Bizet-Carmen Prelude, Mozart-Sonata 331 pdf

BU 1204
BU 1206

BU 1205




23 Pensées pour Deux Cors (1852), intermediate



28 Duets (ca. 1765), intermediate



Philip Jacob Riotte, 1776-1856 (Damm)
Douze Pièces pour deux cors (1809), intermediate pdf

BU 1208


Horn Trios
Folk Song Trios
9 Folk Songs
for 3 horns in F or Eb, easy-intermediate pdf



Gospels & Spirituals
Five well known Gospels and Spirituals for 3 horns in F or Eb
arr.: H. Kullmann, easy-intermediate pdf



Gospels & Spirituals, Vol. II, for 3 horns in F or Eb, arr.: H. Kullmann, intermediate pdf
Another four popular Gospels and Spirituals, technichal more demanding



Ulrich Schultheiss *1956
Ragtimes for Brass, 3 horns in F or Eb, original compositions in Scott Joplin manner, intermediate pdf



Irish Folks
Gospels & Spirituals, Vol. I, for 3 horns in F or Eb, Arr.: H. Kullmann, intermediate pdf
Beautiful Irish music



Gospels & Spirituals, Vol. II, for 3 horns in F or Eb, Arr.: H. Kullmann, intermediate pdf
Beautiful Irish music



Christmas For 3
36 beautiful christmas songs, for 3 horns in F or Eb, arr.: W. Heinrich, intermediate pdf
in colourful arrangements



Horn Quartets
Klaus Röder (Peter Damm, Ed.)
Moritzburg Hunting Fanfares (Moritzburger Jagdfanfaren), for Parforce horns in Eb, m pdf

BU 1261


Andreas Anton (1754-1817), Peter Damm, Ed.
Hunting Fanfares (Jagdfanfaren), for Parforce horns in Eb, m pdf

BU 1262


Songs for Horn quartet (Peter Damm)
Contents: Jesus bleibet meine Freude, All mein Gedanken, Wenn ich ein Vöglein wär, Der Mond ist aufgegangen, Der Jäger Abschied, Abendsegen, Ach Elslein, liebes Elselein, Ach, du feiner Reiter, Wahre Freundschaft, Lied der Franken, Das Waldhorn, Jesu, meine Freude, easy-intermediate pdf

Appropriate for tone, blend , balance, and intonation work this set of 12 arrangement of songs works well for both pedagogical and performance purposes... Overall, these Lieder are delightful and well-written (Heidi Lucas, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, in Horn Call 5/2015)

BU 1278


Friedrich Adolph Gumbert, eigentlich Gumpert (1841-1906) (Peter Damm, Ed.)
New Gumpert-Quartets I, Score and parts, m-s pdf
after Friedrich Adolph Gumbert, eigentlich Gumpert (1841-1906)
A collection of beloved popular romantic horn pieces for solemn, happy and serious events. Contents: manychorals, Mozart - Ave Verum, Pieces by Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Beneken, Bruckner - Ave Maria, Lorenz, Lindner - Ehrenfried-Polka and Fanfare, Vogel - Horch, schon rumpelt der Bass, Schubert - Lindenbaum (Am Brunnen vor dem Tore), Kreutzer - Jägers Lust, Pohlenz - Der Jäger und sein Lieb, Diewitz - Berchtesgadener Ländler etc. (set of parts BU1228s, 18,-)
New Gumpert-Quartets II, Score and parts, m-s pdf
Contents: Folk songs, e.g. Silcher, Ännchen of Tharau, Zöllner, Das Wandern ist des Müllers Lust, Das Lieben bringt groß’ Freud’, Ade zur guten Nacht, Ach, wie ist’s möglich dann, Über allen Gipfeln ist Ruh, Der Steirabua and other pieces by Mückenberger - Rumpumpelte pumpelte hoppsassa (Vogtländische Polka, Koll - Die Blasmusik von Kickritzpotschen, Rinck - Abend wird es wieder, Kreutzer, evening prayer from the opera “Das Nachtlager in Granada”, Verdi - triumphal march from the opera „Aida“ etc. (set of parts BU1229s, 18,-)

Gumbert's students had a major influence in the American school of horn playing: Anton Horner (first horn, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia orchestras), Max Hess (first horn, Cologne, Guerzenich, Boston, and Cincinnati orchestras) and Max Pottag (first horn, Hamburg and Chicago orchestras)...
For these two volumes, Peter Damm selected 34 of Gumbert's original tunes, and added a few original compositions
and arrangements in the same spirit. In many ways, they form one of the most important catalysts for horn ensemble music, including in the US. My students and I played these through and found them thoroughly enjoyable. Anyone who has been a part of a horn club will understand that this is what it is all about - all that are missing are the beverages (Jeffrey Snedeker, Horn Call 05/09)

BU 1228

BU 1229





Anton Wunderer (Damm)
Reminiscences on Vienna (Erinnerungen an Wien), m pdf
A wonderful collection of original compositions of the Viennese hornist Anton Wunderer (1850-1906), Score and Parts in F
Contents: the Marches Meisterschutzen, Kirchtag, the Polkas: Schützenliebchen, Kuckuck, Standchen, the Waltzes: Gemsveilchen, Kernschuss as well as Jagers Wanderliedchen, Mazurka Nippe, Vienna Dances and Spanish Serenade

The melodies are wonderful, the parts are well-written, the workload is divided evenly (though a little top top-heavy - trade parts!) and the overall range (F-g") is congenial. The "Spanish Ständchen" is a spicy treat! Get these for your weekly "horn-meetings" Jeffrey Snedeker in Horn Call 2/2012

BU 1257


Haydn, Gruyer, Stiegler - Hunters Wedding (Damm)
Music for 4 horns (also parforce horns), m pdf
Contents: Sankt Hubertus Fanfare (Stiegler) announcing the event, Coburg March (Haydn) for the procession of dancers, and La Noce du Piqueur (Gruyer) -The Hunters Wedding, a five-movement quadrille, with titles: Pantalon (a folk song), L'Eté (a contradance celebrating Summer), La Poule (in which the cackling of chickens is heard), Le Pastourelle (a shepherd song), and a upbeat Finale (in three sections).

My students and I enjoyed reading this collection; the short movements and hunting styles are easy to grasp, and the tunes are relatively easy to play - all open harmonics c-g" (b" in the Haydn) and simple duple and triple rhythms. The Gruyer set also makes a nice self-contained hunting suite on its own. (Jeffrey Snedeker, Horn Call 03/14)

BU 1268


Es blies ein Jäger... Once a Hunter blew his Horn (Damm)
Music for 4 horns (2 for parforce horns) , m pdf
Contents: Carl Daniel Lorenz (1816-1866) - Hunters March, Peter Damm (*1937) - Reveille and To the hunt (2013) after one voiced fanfares for parforce horn, Leopold Koželuh (1747-1818) - Trois Fanfares de la Chasse parforce (1791/1794) arrangements of 3 voiced hunting fanfares, Alfred Diewitz (1867-1928) - Fidele Grünröcke (Jolly Hunters or literally: Happy Greenjackets), Klaus Röder (1934-2009) - „So blows the Hunter on his Horn“ (2007) after an old folk song.

My students and I really enjoyed these pieces. They go together easily - very fun, readyble with nice variety... I heartily recommend these to all horn groups who maintain a hunting horn library - but you will need valves for a couple of them (Jeffrey Snedeker, Horn Call 02/15)

BU 1272


Mozart/Harald Kullmann (Arr.)
Figaro Fo(u)r Horns, from the Mozart opera "Figaros Marriage", medley, intermediate pdf



Original-Hornquartette der Herzoglichen Hofkapelle Ballenstedt (1850)
„Quartetts for vier Waldhorns“, Vol. 1, original romantic horn quartets, absolutely rare repertoire! intermediate pdf



German Christmas Carols, Album für Hornquartett
23 Christmas Carols arranged by Matthias Pflaum, m pdf
Oh du fröhliche Weihnachtszeit, Schneeflöckchen Weißröckchen in D-Dur und C-Dur, Oh Tanne(n)baum, Süsser die Glocken nie klingen, Fröhliche Weihnacht überall, Am Weihnachtsbaume die Lichter brennen, Leise rieselt der Schnee, Vorfreude im Advent, Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht, Kling, Glöckchen kling, Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann, Morgen, Kinder, wird's was geben, Alle Jahre wieder, Oh Tannenbaum du trägst ein' grünen Zweig, Guten Abend schön Abend, Still, Still, Still, Lasst uns froh und munter sein, Herbei oh ihr Gläubigen, Kommet ihr Hirten, Maria durch ein Dornwald ging, Ihr Kinderlein, kommet, Macht hoch die Tür, Tochter Zion

BU 1263


Christmas Carols, Album für Hornquartett
22 Christmas Carols arranged by Matthias Pflaum, m pdf
King Wenceslas (16th Century), While sheperds watched their flocks by night (1592), Get ivy and hull (Charles Wood), Hark! the Herold Angel sing (Mendelssohn-Bartholdy), The Holly and the Ivy (Old french), It came upon the midnight clear (Noel, Arthur Sullivan), The Holly and the Ivy (Cecil Sharp, 1911), While sheperds watched their flocks (Händel), God rest ye merry, Gentlemen, The first Noel (Carol for the Epiphany), Joy to the world, the Lord is come! (G. F. Händel, Mason), Cantique de Noel (Adolphe Adam), We three kings of orient are (John Henry Hopkins, Jr.), Deck the hall(s) with boughs of holly, The Coventry Carol (16th Century), Ding Dong! Merrily on high (16th Century), The Sussex Carol (17th Century/Vaughan Williams), In the bleak midwinter (Gustav Holst, „Cranham“), Angels we have heared on high (18th Century), It came upon the midnight clear (19th Century), We wish you a merry christmas (16th Century, O little town of Bethlehem (Lewis Henry Redner)

BU 1264


Trad./Heinrich Wolfgang (Arr.)
Christmastime, 28 beautiful christmas songs and chorals, well arranged! intermediate pdf



Roblee Richard (Arr.)
Just a Closer Walk with Thee, one of the most famous Gospels, effectful jazzy arranged, intermediate pdf



Horn Quintets
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix
Con Moto, First release! pdf Original piece for 4 horns and trombone, easy-intermediate
Newly recovered in the Library of Ccongress, probably an accompaniment for a choral setting, works also as a piece on it's own.

BU 1248


Handel (Damm)
Horn quintets pdf for 5 horns or 4 horns and trombone, e-m
Weber-Freischuetz+Euryanthe/Mendelssohn- Con Moto, The Classics!

BU 1252


Kling, Tyndare (Damm)
Parforce horn music
Horn quintets for natural horns pdf for 5 Parforce horns in Eb or Plesshorn in Bb and 4 Parforce horns in Eb, m-a
Contents: The Pappenheim Hunting March, La Polka des Biches, Le Grand Veneur, La Noel des Chasseurs

BU 1255


Horn Ensemble
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (Damm)
The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflöte), Ouverture, 10 or 11 horns, intermediate pdf

BU 1226


Verdi, Guiseppe (Damm)
Nabucco (Ouverture), 10 horns, intermediate pdf

BU 1227


Grieg, Edvard (1843-1907) (Damm)
Huldigungsmarsch (Homage March) op. 56/3 für 8 voiced horn choir, intermediate
from "Sigurd Jorsalfar" by Bjørnstjerne M. Bjørnson, pdf

BU 1265


Bruckner, Hassler, Viadana (Damm)
Music for two four-voiced horn choirs (8 horns), intermediate, pdf
Thes pieces are especially arranged for Serenade concertos.
Contents: Anton Bruckner, 1824-1896, Ave Maria, WAB 7, 1882, Hans Leo Hassler (also Haßler), 1564-1612, Jubilate Deo, after Psalm 66 from „Sacri concentus“, Augsburg 1612, Lodovico Grossi da Viadana, around 1560-1627, Sinfonia La Mantovana from „Sinfonie musicali á otto voci“, Op. 18, 1610

BU 1277


Händel, George Frederick (Damm)
Fire works music pdf for 8 horns and timpani ad lib., m-a

I look forward to more of these valuable additions to our ensemble literature.
Virginia Thompson, West Virginia University (VT) in Horn Call 2/20

If you have players that can handle the ranges, this arrangement will be very enjoyable and satisfying to play. Jeffrey Snedeker in Horn Call 2/2012

BU 1250


Tschaikowsky, Peter (Damm)
The Nutcracker, Marche op. 71a, pdf for 8 horns, m-a

I look forward to more of these valuable additions to our ensemble literature.
Virginia Thompson, West Virginia University (VT) in Horn Call 2/20

We also liked this new arrangement of the March…very playable. Both of these pieces lend themselves well to arrangements for ensembles of horn. Thank you! Jeffrey Snedeker in Horn Call 2/2012

BU 1256


Wagner, Richard (Damm)
Tannhauser's Pilgrim's Journey and Hunting Music (Pilgerfahrt und Jagdmusik), pdf 10 horns, intermediate

BU 1251


Bizet, Georges (Damm)
Intermezzo, pdf for 8-9 horns, m-a

One of the most challenging aspects of selecting repertoire for horn choir is the fact that the players are often varied in terms of ability level... Peter Damm's Intermezzo offers a wonderful solution to this problem - the arrangement is largely block scored and divided into two choirs; parts 1-4 would suitably challenge more intermediate level or high school players, while parts 5-9 are a bit more challenging, both in terms of technical demands and notation (the lower parts are in bass clef), and would perhaps be more appropriate for moderately advanced or collegiate level players... Damm's arrangement works well and would be a welcome and versatile addition to any horn choir library (HL in Horn Call 2/2014)

BU 1266


Gershwin, George (Damm)
Rhapsody in Blue pdf great arrangement for 8 horns, intermediate-advanced

Peter Damm has done it again, this time with a pleasant and playable arrangement of highlights from Gershwin's iconic work.... My college students really enjoyed this arrangement (Jeffrey Snedeker in Horn Call 5/2015)

BU 1279


Horn in Brass Trio (Tumpet, Horn, Trombone or Tenor Horn)
Claus-Erhard Heinrich

Wade in the water
a swinging Spiritual improvisation for tp, hr, trbne, intermediate pdf

BU 3015


Eugene Ratner (arr.)

Brass Trios
for 2 tpts in Bb or C and trbne or tp, hr, trbne/tenor horn, easy-intermediate pdf
Contents: Ludwig van Beethoven - Ode an die Freude, Peter I. Tschaikowsky - Dance Allemande/Ländler, Georg Friedrich Händel - Air from „Judas Maccabaeus“, Franz Liszt - Love Dreams, Robert Schumann - Soldiers march, Robert Schumann - Hunter song, Giuseppe Verdi - Triumphal march from„Aida“, Robert Schumann - The wild rider, Peter I. Tschaikowsky - Old French Melody, Peter I. Tschaikowsky - Kamarinskaya, Traditionel - Oh when the Saints

BU 3012


Martin Reuthner
9 Brass Trios, cracking and swinging trios by the experienced studio jazz musician, for tp/hrF/trbne-thrn, m pdf

BU 3014


Christmas Suite, m - Deck the Halls, Merry Gentlemen, Silent Night (tp, hr, trbne) pdf



David Uber
Tricorne, m (tp, hr, trbne) pdf



Nine folk songs
Nine folk songs, easy-intermediate pdf
mixed edition for variable instrumentation (trbns, tps, hrns F/Eb, tenor horns, euphs, tubas)



Gospels & Spirituals
Five famous Gospels and Spirituals, arr.: H. Kullmann, easy-intermediate pdf
mixed edition for variable instrumentation (trbns, tps, hrns F/Eb, tenor horns, euphs, tubas)



Gospels & Spirituals, Vol. II, arr.: H. Kullmann, m pdf Another four Gospels and Spirituals, technical more demanding
mixed edition for variable instrumentation (trbns, tps, hrns F/Eb, tenor horns, euphs, tubas)



Ulrich Schultheiss *1956
Ragtimes for Brass, original compositions in Scott Joplin manner, intermediate pdf
mixed edition for variable instrumentation (trbns, tps, hrns F/Eb, tenor horns, euphs, tubas)



Irish Folk Songs
Irish Folk Songs, Vol. I, Irish music in great mood, arr.: H. Kullmann, intermediate pdf
mixed edition for variable instrumentation (trbns, tps, hrns F/Eb, tenor horns, euphs, tubas)



Irish Folk Songs, Vol. II, Irish music in great mood, arr.: H. Kullmann, intermediate pdf
mixed edition for variable instrumentation (trbns, tps, hrns F/Eb, tenor horns, euphs, tubas)



Solo Horn in Brass Quintet (2 Tp, Hr, Pos, Tuba)
Richard Roblee
Meditation-Blues, m pdf

BU 5123


Camille Saint-Saens
The Swan (Roberts), medium - featuring horn solo pdf



Horn in Chamber Music
Johann Matthias Sperger, 1750-1821 (Damm)
Parthia Bb-Major, for clarinet, 2 oboes, 2 horns, bassoon, First release! m pdf
Marche, Menuetto, Theme and Variations, Menuetto, Finale

Peter Damm's edition of this parthia by Johann Matthias Sperger offers a new work to the body of music for less common woodwind chamber groups. Equally useful as both a light concert work or background music at a reception or event, it gives everyone a chance to shine... (HL, Horn Call 2/2014)

BU 1254


Johann Matthias Sperger, 1750-1821 (Damm)
Parthia ex B, for 2 clarinets, 2 oboes, 2 horns, 2 bassoons, contra bassoon/double bass ad lib., m pdf
First release! Adagio, Allegro assai, Menuetto-Allegretto, Finale-Allegro

This as first relaease published Parthia Bb Major for 8 wind instruments belongs to the typical harmony music, which was used around 1750 courts especially in Austria for presentations,as table music or just for entertainment. Parthia or Partita indicates a Serenade with several movements performed as "Nachtmusik" (Notturno/Nocturno)mostly in open air concerts. Sperger, who comes from the Vienna school, uses in his Parthia the tempi: slow-fast-slow (Minuetto)-fast.

BU 1275


Ernst Häusler, 1760/1-1837 (Damm)
Six Notturni pour deux cors et deux bassons (2 horns and 2 bassoons) pdf

BU 1225


Johann Melchior Molter, 1696-1765 (Damm)
Sonata á 5 for 2 horns, 2 clarinets (chalumeaux), bassoon, first release! pdf

BU 1224


Johann Melchior Molter, 1696-1765 (Damm)
Three Marches for 2 horns, 2 oboes (chalumeaux), bassoon (first release! ) pdf

BU 1223


Weber, Carl Maria von (Damm)
Adagio and Rondo F Major (1811)
WeV 12 for wind ensemble arr. by Peter Damm (1986)
for flute, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 horns, 2 bassoons, contra bassoon (double bass ad lib.) pdf detailled critics see here pdf

BU 1276


Diether Noll, *1934 (Edition Peter Damm)
Four Bagatelles, for horn, violin, viola and cello, intermediate-difficult pdf

4 very short, contrasting movements (under 2 minutes each) written in 1964 and dedicated to Damm. The harmonic language features 12-tone techniques that do not abandon tonality, and are made comprehensible and interesting through form (i.e., repetition and imitation), as well as through the lighter nature of the bagatelle... I think this unique and charming work could be an especcially appealing, contrasting addition to many recital programs.
The unusuaI instrumentation provides enthusiasts as well as professionals with a fairly "easy-to-contract" chamber group, and would provide students with an accessible introduction to the wonderful world of playing chamber music with strings. (Virginia Thompson, West Virginia University, Horn Call 05/09)

BU 1243


Rossini, Gioacchino (Damm)
Wilhelm Tell - Ouverture to the Grand Opéra in four movements (1829) for wind ensemble arr. by Peter Damm
flute (also piccolo), 2 oboes (2nd also English horn), 2 clarinets, 2 horns, 2 bassoons, contra bassoon (double bass ad lib.) pdf detailled critics see here pdf

Again an arrangement for the KAMMERHARMONIE Dresden. Due to the poor arrangement done by Wenzel Sedlák, Peter Damm presents his own version after the original score. This sounds better and is closer to the original because written for 10 instruments (with flute/picc. and ob./EH).

BU 1274


Solohorn and Strings/String Quartet
J. L. Böhner (Damm)
Six Variations (Sechs Variationen) op. 24 for horn and strings (2 violins, Viola and Violoncello) pdf

BU 1222


Horn and Orchestra - Arranged by Prof. Walter Hilgers (on CD: Das Horn, with Claudia Strenkert)
J. S. Bach
Kantata No. 156 pdf mp3

BU 1230


J. S. Bach
Choral "Wachet auf!" (Awake) pdf

BU 1231


J. S. Bach
6th Choral pdf

BU 1232


César Franck
Panis Angelicus, pdf mp3

BU 1233


Gabriel Fauré
Pie Jesu, pdf mp3

BU 1234


Joh. Abr. P. Schulz

The Moon has set (Der Mond ist aufgegangen) pdf mp3

BU 1235


Johannes Brahms
Quiet Night (In stiller Nacht) pdf mp3

BU 1236


Franz Schubert
Serenata (Ständchen) pdf mp3

BU 1237


L. v. Beethoven
Hymn to the night (Hymne an die Nacht) pdf mp3

BU 1238


L. v. Beethoven
Pathetique, pdf mp3

BU 1239


George Bizet
Intermezzo/Agnus Dei pdf mp3

BU 1240


Engelbert Humperdinck
Evening Prayer (Abendsegen) pdf mp3

BU 1241



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